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Concept 305 DW DEGRAF описание

Concept DEGRAF 305 DW
The first processor in the world with double washout area for digital flexographic plates up to 92×120 cm (36×48”)



Concept 305 DW (Digital Washer) represents the state-of-the-art of washing units for medium size plates up to 92×120 cm (36×48”). The unit works with any kind of plate and is equipped with a particular system to process digital plates. Concept 305 DW has two separate tanks for the solvent. One, which is dedicated to the pre-washer section, collects the solvent used to remove the layer of the digital plate. The other tank is for the washing section and is used only with non-contaminated solvent. The efficient movement of the brushes ensures high speed in processing time and perfect results for each plate.Features

  • Double and independent hydraulic system for the pre-washing section (to remove the layer) and for the wash-out of the plate
  • Automatic in-process plate washing and cleaning
  • PLC controller, 20 memory channels
  • Routine maintenance programme
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen display
  • Rotating brushes with oscillating movement in opposing directions
  • Automatic pneumatic plate feed-in
  • Rotating brushes gear driven
  • Integrated heater-chiller for solvent temperature control
  • Solid content measurement device and automatic solvent replenishment
  • Integrated solvent fume extraction system
  • Delivered with 2 pin bars and external punch device
 CONCEPT 305 505 P DW V3.0 Eng User’s manual.pdf


Pre-washer section, to remove the layer of the digital plates.The solvent used during the pre-washer section is collected into a dedicated tank. The solvent for the washout section is non-contaminated by residue of layer and/or carbon.
Rotating brushes with oscillatine movement in opposing directions.The opposition of this particular movement of the brushes reduces the processing time and eliminates any kind of movement of the plate when in contact with the brushes. This ensures a perfect and stable position of the plate, thus optimising the mechanical action of the brushes and making the whole process reach a higher speed.
A simple locking system allows the removal of the brushes without requiring any kind of tool.Easy and immediate access to the brushes, simplifying maintenance and cleaning operations.
Integrated solvent density meter in the hydraulic circuit.This device measures the percentage of polymer present in the washing solvent, topping it up with fresh solvent when the values exceed the setup values. As a result the machine always works with controlled saturated solvent, thereby obtaining greater accuracy in the process, producing an excellent result.


Power8,5 kW — 13/24A
Power supply400V 3PH + N / 230V 3 PH — 50/60HZ
Compressed air6 bar
Air extraction300 m3/h
Dimensions170 x 382 x 97 cm
Weight1070 kg
Dimensions and Weight with packaging190 x 410 x 130 cm / 1400 kg