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Easy to plate one

This is the first step towards the fully automated modular line. Composed by a processor (batch or incremental) equipped with a programmable automatic punching device and an automatic dryer, the «Easy to Plate» 1st step can be installed all at once or, thanks to the modular concept studied by Vianord, the machines can be bought separately and attached later on. The plate size usable with this project goes form 20 x 20 (8 x 8 inch) to the 132 x 203 cm (52 x 80 inch). The technical features of the processors can be found in the EVO 3 IP, EVO 4 IPEVO 5 IP and EVO 5 BP sections; of the dryer in the EVO AD section.


Evo5 BP-D


Evo5 IP-D


Evo4 IP-D


Evo3 IP-D



  • EVO 4 IP-D

    easy-to-plate step1 evo4-IP-D

  • EVO 3 IP-D

    easy to plate step1 evo3 IP D